Forget the city-trek.

Invisalign, Angel, and Spark Clear Aligners in Myrtleford

Virtually invisible teeth straightening for teens and adults alike by a local dentist with upfront prices. Servicing Wangaratta, Albury, Wodonga, Bright and beyond.
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Your second-chance smile really is just around the corner.

We don’t expect you to make a snap decision. At your consultation, you’ll get the information you need to move ahead with confidence: what to expect from clear aligners, upfront ballpark costs, and a full treatment plan.
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Young or grown, it’s hard to find a smile when your teeth are crooked or misaligned. Suitable for any age, clear aligners make train-track metal braces a thing of the past. They make teeth straightening easy: they’re comfortable, reliable, removable, and nearly invisible.

Because clear aligners are such a popular and effective orthodontic treatment, we offer three aligner options to suit every smile and need: Invisalign, Spark, and Angel clear aligners.

Our transformations — Porcelain Veneers before and after.

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Jamie King

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rob N

Rob suffered missing teeth since his teens. After years of dental visits, he still hadn't found a dentist who put him at ease. Dr. Amit and the team instantly made Rob feel at home.  After a full upper denture replacement and crowns on all lower teeth, Rob feels he can now smile at life with confidence.
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Jamie King

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World-leading is now locally available.

Dr Amit started Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetics & Implants with the vision to make quality dental care accessible to anyone who needs it. Dr Amit has 15+ years experience, including extensive post graduate education on many different aspects of dentistry including implants, complex treatment planning, and soft tissue surgery.

We are 1 of 9 Digital Smile Design-certified practices in Australia, adhering  to the Five Digital Smile Design Standards, which are a guarantee of the quality you can expect, including a superior standard of information, commitment to facial harmony, better decision making, the ability to test and approve your smile, and a truly customised treatment.

  • Digital Smile Design (DSD) Certified — 1 of only 9 in Australia
  • Dr Amit is the only dentist in Australia to hold a PG Diploma in Implant Therapy from the prestigious European Association of Osseointegration
  • Dr Amit is also undergoing the US-based Kois Center graduate program
  • Australian Dental Association (ADA) members.
  • Australian-made teeth by Nexus ISO and CE Certified — highest international quality standards for our All-on-4 implants.
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So simple teeth straightening. So there-for-you care.

  • Dr Amit always looks for the best option for you. Patients love that he never rushes or pressures them to proceed.
  • When you’re ready, your clear aligner treatment is like being in the hands of a good mate: Dr Amit takes his time to talk you through everything, and ensures you feel happy and at ease.
  • Our whole team is here to ensure you feel supported, and heard. You’ll walk away with a straighter smile, and some new friends as well.

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Get ready to smile again — for good.

Book online now or call us to arrange your consultation.
Your first visit will be a unique experience unlike a dental visit you might have had before. Our main emphasis is finding out the root causes of your problems and addressing those so that the treatment you receive does not suffer the same consequence and lasts a long time.
No pressure. Take your time to read through your plan and get your head around it all. We’re here to answer your questions and, when you’re ready, help you take next steps.

Clear aligners process step-by-step.

From start to finish, the overall clear aligner process takes a few appointments. All of these are at Myrtleford practice — you won’t need to travel anywhere else.

Every smile is different, but here is what your process could look like following your initial consultation:

Step 1

We’ll create a 3D digital model to plan the precise movements required to achieve your desired alignment. You'll see a virtual representation of how your teeth will straighten over the course of your treatment.

Step 2

Once your treatment plan is finalised, your aligners are crafted from transparent, BPA-free plastic that's comfortable to wear and easy to take in and out.

Step 3

4-6 weeks later, you'll receive a set of aligners. Some wearers finish their treatment in three months, while others can take up to 18 months.

Step 4

Our Virtual Dental Monitoring App means you’ll have minimal checks during treatment. We can keep in touch without you needing to visit the clinic.

Although your straightening is well underway, daily brushing and flossing are critical for continued good dental health. We strongly encourage six-monthly, regular checks and cleaning.

Clear aligner cost needn’t be overwhelming.

All our patients deserve access to optimal oral health and a smile that makes them feel confident. Spread the cost of your clear aligners with a dental payment plan.

We offer TLC and MediPay payment plans, and Plenti and Now Finance personal loans, making it easy to get the funds together. We’ll do the rest!

Your clear dental implant guide.

Whether you’re always hiding your smile, wrestling with old dentures that just don’t cut it anymore, or worried about losing your natural teeth for good, our FREE dental implant guide answers all your questions, and includes real patient case studies.

What’s in the guide:

  • An overview of treatment plans and processes, including All-on-4
  • Payment FAQs
  • Healthfund item codes
  • Real patient stories.
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Imagine the joy of loving your smile every day.

Say yes to shining your smile like never before. Book your dental implants consultation now and step into a brighter, more confident you!

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Do I need to go to the city to access clear aligners?

You most certainly don’t.

We’re proud to be a licensed dental practice for Invisalign, Spark and AngelAlign clear aligners  in the beautiful VIC region, servicing the Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga areas and beyond.

With over 15  years experience, Dr Amit has completed many clear aligner treatments, crafting beautiful smiles for many happy people who, just like you, were ready to find their straighter, happier smile.

Where is your dental practice located?

Hours-long trips to the dentist are a thing of the past — find us at 165 Myrtle Street, Myrtleford, Victoria. 


We proudly service the surrounding areas of Bright, Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga, Beechworth, Porepunkah, Moyhu, Yackandandah, Oxley, Tawong, Tangambalanga, and Mount Beauty.

How do I book an appointment?

Call us on (03) 5752 2221 or contact us.

Clear aligners can cost a lot. Do you offer payment plans?

We offer various payment options to make clear aligners more affordable for our patients. 

Keep in mind that our aim is to get your teeth and gums healthy before we touch a single tooth, meaning you’ll have the time to either save or find the right payment option for you.

The following finance options are available to our patients:

  • TLC payment plans
  • MediPay payment plans
  • Plenti personal loans 
  • Now Finance personal loans.

Who can have clear aligner treatment?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for clear aligners, and not everyone needs them. We’ll steer you down the right path when you come in for your first consultation. We can assess whether or not the treatment is right for you, and discuss your overall dental needs and health. 

Clear aligners could be perfect for you if your teeth aren’t too far out of alignment and need some minor adjustments.

If you need more extensive orthodontic work, Dr Amit may recommend further or additional treatments.

How are clear aligners different from braces?

Unlike braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign, Spark, and Angel are practically invisible. They are also custom-made to fit your teeth snugly. This makes wearing them more comfortable because there is no gum irritation because of wires. Clear aligners can be worn during social interactions without feeling self-conscious and removed during brushing and flossing for improved oral hygiene throughout treatment. Whereas it’s more difficult to remove plaque and food particles from and around metal braces because they are fixed.

Studies also show they are more comfortable than braces and it is  easier to maintain good oral hygiene with aligners than braces.

What’s the difference between Invisalign, Spark, and Angel clear aligners?

Although each are slightly different, all offer the best, most discreet teeth straightening on the market, and all are made from innovative patented materials:

Invisalign: Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye, so they can be a great choice as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Spark: Spark Aligners are another near-invisible option that is soft and comfortable to wear. Made from TruGEN™ material, Spark aligners are designed for efficient tooth movement and offer excellent results for people looking for a convenient and aesthetically pleasing treatment option.

Angel: Angel is another near-invisible option that is soft and comfortable to wear. Angel Aligner is a case-by-case treatment with a flexible time schedule. They can achieve complex tooth movements, resulting in a more seamless appearance.

We will discuss with you which would be most appropriate for you during your appointment.

Will my clear aligners be noticeable?

Barely. Your clear aligners are designed to be virtually invisible and ultra discreet. 

How long will my clear aligner treatment last?

The length of the treatment also depends on the complexity of the case. Some people may finish their treatment in three months, while others can take up to 18-24 months.

Are clear aligners painful?

No. Dr Amit is fastidious about your comfort. 

Any discomfort during treatment is usually very mild and temporary.

How long does it take to get my clear aligners?

The treatment process varies from brand to brand, and depends on your existing teeth and jawbone condition. The process usually takes between 2-3 appointments. Your new clear aligners will be ready to wear within 4-6 weeks of your deposit being paid.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Aside from a very warm welcome, here are the typical steps from booking an appointment, to your first treatment:

  • A confirmation email and welcome pack is sent to you as soon as you make your booking. We may request existing dental records and/or ask you to bring dental x-rays less than 12-months old to your appointment. 
  • On appointment day, you will be greeted by our friendly front desk staff.
  • Your dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your immediate dental issues and dental history, followed by any necessary dental exams, x-rays and/or images.
  • After your examination, we’ll display your teeth on 55-inch screens. We’ll discuss everything with you including fears and/or concerns, budget, needs, lifestyle, and goals. 
  • If you wish to proceed, we’ll book your second visit (consent visit) to receive your mutually agreed on, risk-based treatment plan.

Do I really need regular dental checkups?

Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetic & Implants is a dental practice that believes in creating long-term strategies for exceptional dental health. Regular checkups are an important part of this because they help us to detect dental problems well in advance of your needing complex or corrective treatments. Checkups stop issues from progressing and keep your oral health in great shape.

Can you tell me more about your experience and credentials?

Not all Myrtleford dentists are the same, and not all dental practices consider themselves your dental health partners.

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